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Intimacy with God
2816 students
The world needs people who are deep in their spiritual lives. Learn how to pursue true intimacy with God through intentional effort and discipline in your life.
Passion for the Harvest
679 students
Experience God's passion for the billions of people waiting to know the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ.
The Power of Vision
3448 students
Do you have a clear sense of vision or purpose in your life? Learn how God develops and births vision by exploring Nehemiah's call to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.
The Holy Spirit and the Leader
508 students
Understand the importance of the fullness of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian leader and to seek the fullness of the Holy Spirit in our lives and leadership.
Overcoming Obstacles
405 students
Each day you face problems and obstacles. Explore how God equips you to identify and overcome the internal, external, and spiritual obstacles in your life and leadership.
Spiritual Leadership
534 students
Understand the critical importance of leadership in advancing the Kingdom of God. Apply the Leadership Triangle to your life and work to reach your full potential as a leader in any context.
Family Priority
228 students
God ordained the family and provided guidelines for developing a healthy, strong family. Begin reflecting on your own family and ask God how He is calling you to display His love for them today.
546 students
If we observe the lives of successful leaders, we will often notice that they have a clear vision and set SMART Goals. Learn the process of setting and prioritizing goals to accomplish more for God.
231 students
Develop a personal plan of mobilization as you explore the life of Nehemiah and how God used him to mobilize the Body of Christ. Begin asking the question, “How is God calling me to mobilize His Church?”
Digital Evangelism
362 students
Discuss and analyze the challenges and opportunities the online world provides for proclaiming the Gospel while gaining helpful tools to engage with the lost on the internet.